Advantages of Integrating Audio monitoring and Sound Detection in School Security

IntegratingAudioTraditionally, security personnel relied on video as the primary method of monitoring school environments. This strategy, however, is becoming outdated. A security team using only video to evaluate a situation is left with limited and inconclusive data. Integrating audio into existing security systems can help personnel fully understand the gravity of a situation and be better equipped to respond.

Video cameras are effective, but they aren’t able to capture everything. Cameras can’t be monitored at all times. Deploying audio solutions could automatically flag incidents not caught on camera, as well as alert central station guards to which surveillance zones need to be closely monitored.When audio is paired with

When audio is paired with video, security needs are met while additional evidence is gained. Integrating microphones with cameras gives staff access to more details about a suspect or scene. Voices, names, languages spoken, and directives are just a few examples of information that can be aggregated. This additional data is crucial for first responders as they assess a suspect’s intentions and threat level.

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