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Dispelling School Active Shooter Myths

Kenneth Trump, the president of National School Safety and Security Services, recently dedicated extensive time and discussion to analyzing what a number of national school safety experts believe are high-risk, high-liability propositions for addressing school active shooters. These questionable, risky approaches include the …
drug and gun free school zone sign at a school yard. sign of the times.

Educating Leaders on Hardening Schools

With appropriate attention and funding, public schools can conduct the security steps needed to stop intruders before they have an opportunity to commit violence. In fact, most security improvements to school facilities also aid in the reduction of school-based violence and assist …

Improving Campus Safety & Security

Schools should be among the safest places in our communities; parents should have every confidence in sending their children to these educational havens. Unfortunately, school violence is a serious problem that no school can afford to ignore. Even small disturbances are not as …