School Security: Officers Make an Effective Change

OfficersEffectiveChangeA student ambassador shares why she believes that the presence of officers and school guards is important for a school’s environment.

“I believe that officers should be permitted to be on school grounds to ensure the safety of students and staff and increase the quality of education available to students. 

One reason why having officers should be permitted is because they help reduce the number of problems in schools. According to the article from The Washington Post, ‘All Montgomery High Schools to Have Police on Campus for the New School Year,’ as of last summer, all school resource officers undergo a week of training that includes sessions on adolescent development, threat assessments, de-escalation practices, use of force. and other topics.

Another reason why officers should be permitted is because they improve the quality of education by building relationships with students and helping staff to ensure their safety.”

Learn more about why she thinks officers are important in bringing the safety that schools need.