School Security Technology Has Learned a Lot

SchoolSecurityTechnologySafe Haven International Executive Director Michael Dorn says that today’s security technology platforms are performing better than ever. They make it possible to build an integrated, effective security environment. Hand in hand with technology, however, comes appropriate personnel training to make sure systems are used effectively. Read this piece to discover an overview of the security solutions that schools should consider to protect students and staff, including:

Visitor Management 

  • Check/register visitors entering the building
  • Track names of people who shouldn’t be admitted
  • Check visitor names against criminal, predator, and terrorist databases

Access Management

  • Door alarms that sound when doors are opened during times when they should be locked
  • Alerts sent to control rooms, smartphones, and personnel
  • Notification re: doors that are propped open


  • Monitor the perimeter and inside corridors
  • Integrate with access management to monitor doors that are opened
  • Record events for later review
  • Allow police to tap into cameras during an emergency