Video Surveillance Making a Difference for School Security

Video Surveillance MakingVideo surveillance has become increasingly popular at educational facilities, and administrators are using the extra eyes to enhance safety in a variety of ways. The challenge for many institutions, whether they’re very large K-12 districts or charter schools, is finding an affordable system that meets their needs.

Such was the case for one of the biggest districts in the United States, which has more than 200 campuses, including administrative facilities for food services, nursing, human resources, parking enforcement, and the district’s own police department. Previously, many of its campuses had surveillance systems, but they were obsolete. About one in five of the district’s facilities had no coverage at all. Many areas that did have cameras were covered by old units and DVRs that were left unattended and poorly maintained, which made footage retrieval difficult.

Find out how the school district solved this challenge, allowing administrators to watch footage in HD and monitor activity from their offices using a mobile device or browser.