3 Strategies to Control Access at Your School

3 Strategies to ControlThe days of depending solely on locks and keys to secure school buildings are no longer. Keys can get lost. Departing employees may not return keys. Locks can be jimmied. Constant rekeying of doors can be costly. Therefore, you need more than just keys and locks to keep your school building secure from unwanted visitors with ill intentions.

One security consultant recommends three tactics you may want to consider to stop potentially threatening or dangerous incidents:

1. Automatic door locks that can be locked for entry, but allow individuals to exit; control dates/times of entrance; automatically lock or unlock during power outages; unlock after a person identifiesĀ himself/herself

2. Electronic access control that allows you to check an individual’s identity and entry authorization against a database before allowing him/her to enter

3. Video surveillance cameras that can monitor entry points and provide visual record of who enters and exits

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