School security is at the forefront of conversations around dinner tables, in administrator conferences, and at school board meetings.

As SIA and NSCA received questions from the educational community about what can be done to better secure our schools – and how these security projects can be funded – it became quickly evident that there were no easy answers. School budgets are tight, and funding is difficult to pull together for potential security threats that, statistically, have a very low probability of occurring.

The PASS story is one born out of concern and commitment for school safety. When a school system makes an investment in security, we want to help them make sure their money is spent on the right solutions. The PASS guidelines:

  1. Define threats common to schools at each educational level
  2. Offer recommendations on parental and community involvement
  3. Detail a layered security approach that combats common threats and mitigates risks related to active shooters
  4. Provide information for integrators, school administrators, resource officers, and IT staff on technology-focused solutions like video surveillance, duress alarms, and electronic access control
  5. Deliver scalable/tiered measures that administrators can implement based on available resources and local risk levels

We also provide integrators with risk assessments and white papers that can be used when working with schools to evaluate and establish the best security protection for their buildings.


Q: What is a PASS sponsor?
A: A company that provides a subject-matter expert (SME), relevant content, intellectual property, or financial support to help develop, enrich, update, or improve the work results of PASS. Read more about sponsorship levels here.

Q: What is a PASS endorsing organization?
A: A stakeholder. Examples: A non-profit entity that shares the values, mission, and goals of PASS. Code- or standards-based organizations that support the development of or promote safer schools. Testing agencies whose purpose aligns with PASS. A professional society or educational institution that adheres to best practices and values the guidelines set forth by PASS and will promote the use of the guidelines by its constituents.

Q: How can we become a sponsor or endorsing organization?
A: Contact any steering committee member to see which category best fits your business or skills profile. The steering committee member will be able to recommend you for addition to a specific group. If you are recommended to become an endorsing organization, a majority vote of steering committee will vote on the addition. Sponsors are selected by their willingness to contribute to the cause without requiring any exclusive benefits. To learn more about the difference between these two groups, read our governance proposal.

Q: Can we become members of the steering committee?
A: The steering committee was appointed and populated by existing SMEs assigned by NSCA and SIA. The executive board of the steering committee will regularly evaluate the experiences and expertise of the existing PASS group and consider additional appointees based on gaps in coverage. There are no term limits for the steering committee, but the members will be asked to renew their interest in serving on an annual basis. Seats on the executive committee may open up, or be increased from time to time, as set forth by the governance of the partnering associations.

Q: Can my company advertise on the PASS website?
A: No, but if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, recognition will be received. It is our intent to remain brand agnostic. If you become a PASS sponsor, your name, logo, and website will be added to the list; we will also link to your website. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Q: Do you envision PASS as a general guideline, or as an industry standard?
A: We see this as a great educational tool, a resource, a way to start a technology roadmap, and a way to build a budget. It could very well go from that to a de-facto standard, and then to a regulated building code. PASS would be there to support that process and help develop this into a standard over time.

Q: Will PASS recognize other standards, best practices, and organizations that also have school safety programs?
A: Yes. One of our fundamental goals is to not duplicate efforts of other not-for-profit organizations or agencies. We will evaluate the work of others and, upon majority approval, decide to endorse various programs that align with PASS.

Q: How can I learn more about PASS and how to get involved?
A: Read our PASS Governance Proposal to learn about our vision, organizational structure, leadership roles, funding sources, and sponsorship models.