ALICE Active Shooter Training: Learning How to Thwart Violent Intruders

ALICEActiveIn a nutshell, ALICE training is a new way of looking at how to handle violent intruders – including gun-wielding “active” shooters – in public places, such as school, hospitals, businesses and other venues. Rather than passive, lockdown-and-hide behavior, ALICE training encourages those in such a predicament to be proactive and find ways to survive and escape from violent intruders. Why?

Because negotiations don’t work, according to this expert. And neither do lockdown-and-hide efforts.

The ALICE acronym stands for the five techniques for surviving an active shooter situation, according to the ALICE Training Institute (ATI), the purveyors of the training: Alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate. Learn more about ALICE training.

Image by: artur84