An Integrated Approach to a Safer School District

AnIntegratedApproachLittleton Public School District, commonly known as LPS, is located just 10 miles from downtown Denver, serving several communities in the south Denver metropolitan area. As the 15th-largest Colorado school district, it operates three high schools, four middle schools, 13 elementary schools, a preschool, and two charter schools. The entire district spans more than 29 miles.

The district is responsible for more than 15,000 students and employs more than 2,500 faculty and staff. Managing security and access for a district this size can be a challenge. Adding to the complexity is the fact that LPS campuses are also open for use within the Littleton community.

“Schools are often not only educational facilities, but also centerpieces of the community,” says Guy Grace, director of security and emergency planning for LPS. “So it is crucial we get the security right.” Read on to learn how Grace, who is also a PASS K-12 steering committee member, has created security systems and processes that will evolve to meet the needs of the district for years to come.