The PASS K-12 guidelines from the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools is made possible only through the selfless participation and support of dedicated endorsing organizations. These individuals and companies from the information technology, education, and public safety fields, as well as security consultants, engineers, security system integrators, and manufacturers worked hundreds of hours to create a document that we hope will serve as a foundation for enhancing the safety of our most important national resource: our children. PASS endorsing organizations include:

School Members


Law Enforcement


  • Jim Crumbley, Owner, Risk Response Team
  • John Fannin, President/CEO. SafePlace Corp
  • Neil Lakomiak, Director of Business Development & Innovation, UL
  • Meredith Lovejoy, Director of Global Marketing, Shen Milsom & Wilke LLC
  • Dan O’Neill, President/CEO, ADRM


To learn more about the roles of endorsing organizations, read our governance proposal.