Fox Valley Schools Adding Cameras, Bullet-Resistant Glass Coating and Increased Security Checks

FoxValleySchoolsIn the nearly two months since a fatal shooting at a Florida high school, some Fox Valley districts are experiencing heightened focus on security at their own schools.

In St. Charles, where discussions about large-scale security upgrades were already underway before the shooting, a district administrator said attention on security has increased since the Feb. 14 shooting in Parkland, Florida, and likely caused some of the work to be accelerated.

District officials look at school security every day, and there are always more measures the district can take. Roughly one year ago, work began to add more security cameras and upgrade existing ones at East Aurora district schools.

One of the challenges of school security is balancing the need to keep a school safe with the desire to make it welcoming. Efforts to achieve that balance are always continuing. Find out how St. Charles School District 303 is working on a planned $1 million in security upgrades here.