How Technology Helps Keep Our Students Safe

How TechnologyOn any given day in Colorado’s Littleton Public Schools, more than 200 employees use unified security technology to help keep students, teachers, and staff safe. These employees — administrative assistants, before- and after-school care providers, health aides, and coaches, to name a few — are not normally thought of as security professionals. But they still provide the critical human element needed for an effective school safety plan.

This human element is vital, but so is providing excellent, simple-to-use security tools that employees can implement in their daily routines. There are also free tools available to help school officials install unified security systems. Littleton Public Schools used one of these resources, the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) K-12 guidelines, which include tiered security recommendations that cater to schools’ unique needs. For funding, the district tapped the federal E-rate program to cover costs for 40% of the needed cabling and connections.

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