How to Get the Internal Buy-In for a School Security System

How to Get the InternalIn today’s school districts, there’s usually an off-site entity making decisions on large purchases, whether it’s a county education chair, superintendent of schools, or the head of a school board for a town.┬áThese people aren’t likely to be as familiar with a school’s security needs as the students, teachers, and staff.

This means that when they see “new school access control system” for an elementary school on the budget request form, they’re going to need some convincing to sign on the dotted line.

There are three ways you can get those in control of the checkbook on your side when it comes to a security upgrade:

1. Outline┬áthe shortcomings and issues you’re currently experiencing – and their ramifications

2. Explain why current systems and processes are no longer good enough

3. Discuss the challenges you currently face in managing your existing security program – and the costs associated with them

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