PASS: School Security Methodology

PASSSchoolSecurityMethodologyWhat model are you using for school security assessments? Using a proven model helps with obtaining valid information that can lead to good business decisions. Just as in math problems, there are models for security assessments. It’s important to choose the model that fits your needs best and to ensure the validity of the results of the chosen model. Businesses and schools are asking for assessments to make a business decision about security.

One method for assisting in the breakdown of an assessment is utilizing the PASS K-12 program, specifically designed for schools. This is a methodology that is supported by several organizations in providing assessments related to security measures. Mitigation strategies for risk avoidance or reductions need to rely on layers or tiers of security. Not everyone who performs an assessment takes into account a holistic approach by layering the strategies that provide the most favorable outcome with the most fiscally responsible means.

Learn more about what this means from one of our endorsing organizations: ESCO Communications.