Seeing PASS K-12 Security Guidelines in Action

Seeing PASS K-12Colorado is home to Littleton Public Schools, a district with approximately 15,000 students spread across 13 elementary schools, four middle schools, three high schools, and several alternative programs, preschools, and charter schools. In 2013, a shooting occurred at one of its high schools.

To better prepare for potential threats, and after receiving funding, Littleton Public Schools decided to improve its security efforts. Guy Grace, security director at Littleton Public Schools, spearheaded the security initiative, using the tiered guidelines offered by Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) K-12 to make decisions about security technology improvements based on each school’s individual risk assessment and CPTED score. The new, district-wide security system oversees and coordinates security for 28 school and administrative buildings.

In May, to see the PASS guidelines in action, the PASS K-12 Steering Committee visited with Grace, who is also a PASS K-12 Steering Committee member. Learn more here about what they saw.