State of School Safety Report 2018: Safe and Sound Schools

State of School SafetyOne of the PASS K-12 steering committee members – Michele Gay, founder of Safe and Sound Schools – recently releasedĀ its 2018 report on the State of School Safety. To gather the data, an online survey was used to explore perceptions of school safety among four groups:

  1. Parents of students
  2. Students (middle school or high school)
  3. Educators
  4. Public

This 40-page report shares perspectives and trends noted in the survey, and also includes input from school safety stakeholders, on topics like:

  • Perceptions of school safety preparedness
  • Opinions of stakeholders on feelings of safety
  • Perceptions of safety threats
  • Knowledge of school-safety team members
  • Opinions about capabilities to improve school security

Read the entire report here.