Video: Why is PASS Important?

VideoWhyPASS K-12 brings together members of the security industry, school officials, and law enforcement to develop a coordinated approach to protecting K-12 students and staff. PASS K-12 focuses on ongoing and emerging threats to students and educators, as well as education about security and life safety best practices and proven methods.

The free PASS guidelines:

  1. Define threats common to schools at each educational level (elementary, middle and secondary)
  2. Make recommendations on parental and community involvement
  3. Detail a layered approach to security that combats common threats while also mitigating the risks related to active shooters
  4. Provide information for school administrators, resource officers, and school IT staff on technology-focused layers (video surveillance, duress alarms, electronic access control) – what’s new, what’s in the future, and how to prepare
  5. Provide scalable/tiered measures (adjustments to operations/procedures, mechanical locks, door chimes, signage, staff training, community involvement, student involvement, etc.) that administrators can implement in a manner proportional to their available resources and the local risk level

Listen to this short video, where NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson talks about the importance of PASS in today’s world.