Classroom Door Barricade Device Resources

There have long been questions in jurisdictions across the country regarding classroom door barricade devices. Should classroom door barricade devices—also known as non-code compliant blocking devices—be used to secure classroom doors during an active-shooter incident? These devices have emerged in response to fears that inadequate security may leave classrooms vulnerable.

Typically designed to be installed on classroom doors during a lockdown in addition to the existing, code-compliant locking hardware, non-code compliant blocking devices are tempting solutions for schools because they seem to address the perceived immediate need for additional security. But there are many other safety and compliance concerns associated with this practice that schools must consider.

PASS has three resources to help schools make well-informed, evidence-based decisions about non-code compliant blocking devices:

A One Sheet with evidence-based facts about classroom door barricade devices available to share and distribute.

The PASS Position on Barricade Devices: PASS does not recommend non-code compliant blocking devices for classroom safety and security. This is based on data and research, and is in alignment with resolutions and positions of the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM), Safe and Sound Schools, Associated Locksmiths of America, Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, the Door Security and Safety Foundation, Security Industry Association, National Systems Contractors Association, and more.

5 Reasons Schools Should Avoid Classroom Barricade Devices: A simple-to-understand resource highlighting the primary concerns and dangers surrounding non-code compliant blocking devices.

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