Tier 1 PASS Partner


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Tier 1 is our core level of partnership. Tier 1 PASS Partners committed to supporting the PASS mission; they receive brand representation, extensive onsite training and access to digital offerings like webinars!

As a PASS Partner, you’ll be part of the solution. As a trained ambassador, use PASS presentation material co-branded with your logo, help to get the PASS guidelines widely adopted and play a role in creating safe environments for students.

Your company’s support of PASS as a Tier 1 Partner includes the following:

  • Recognition of your firm as a PASS Partner
  • Your firm’s logo on our PASS Partner page
  • Access to the PASS Partner Portal for all your employees, allowing them to access resources and training content
  • One (1) full-day on-site event
  • A half-day online training event
  • Access to any PASS Partner webinar programs
  • Use of the PASS Partner logo to designate your participation with PASS