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The Case for Proven School Security Investments

By gkohl | October 21, 2018

In her article “Use Common Sense When Purchasing Campus Security Technology” for Campus Safety Magazine, editor Robin Hattersley-Gray makes the case for why the latest gadgets and products with buzz might not be the smartest investments. As Hattersley-Gray writes on October 8, 2018, “In my line of work, I see a lot of security technology…

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PASS Guidelines referenced in Popular Mechanics magazine article on school security

PASS Referenced in The Popular Mechanics Guide to Safer Schools

By gkohl | September 3, 2018

Attacks in our schools seem to be occurring with more frequency and with higher intensity. But the response among political and school-district leaders has often been confused and often been understandably inconsistent. Schools are not, in fact, more common targets for mass shootings than other public venues. But, as free and open places for learning,…

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How Technology Keeps Our Students Safe

By gkohl | July 19, 2018

The PASS Guidelines feature prominently in three recent articles published by Media Planet in a special insert to the USA Today newspaper. As the article, “How Technology Helps Keep Our Students Safe,” begins, “On any given day in Colorado’s Littleton Public Schools, more than 200 employees use unified security technology to help keep students, teachers, and staff…

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Safe and Sound Schools State of School Safety Report 2018

PASS Partner Organization Safe and Sound Schools Releases 2018 School Safety Report

By gkohl | April 2, 2018

Safe and Sound Schools—founded by PASS steering committee member Michele Gay—recently released its 2018 report on the State of School Safety. To gather the data, an online survey was used to explore perceptions of school safety among four groups: Parents of students Students (middle school or high school) Educators Public This 40-page report shares perspectives and trends…

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Our Safety and Security Guidelines for K-12 Schools

The most comprehensive information available on best practices specifically for securing school facilities.