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Safety and Security Technologies to Consider for K-12 Schools in 2024

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | June 13, 2024

K-12 schools nationwide are facing the reality that they need more processes and tools to ensure safer campuses. For example, both Baltimore County Public Schools and Alexandria City Public Schools have turned to high-tech systems to enhance school safety and security. In May 2023, Alexandria City middle and high schools launched a Weapons Abatement Pilot…

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A group of elementary students raise their hands to answer the teacher's question during class at school

Future of School Security: Leveraging Innovative Approaches in Technology for Safer Schools

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | July 28, 2023

We must consider different strategies and innovative technology to create safe learning environments. Let’s examine innovative approaches in technology that enhance K-12 school security while addressing privacy, cybersecurity, and bias concerns.

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Next-Gen Security: Revolutionizing School Safety and Security With Technology

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | July 11, 2023

Technology is opening up a new world of possibilities for creating safer learning environments for K-12 schools. Learn more from Kasia Hanson, global director of physical and cybersecurity ecosystem and partnerships at Intel.

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New technologies: Kindergarten students smile when playing toy in class

5 New Technologies That Enhance School Safety and Security

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | March 10, 2022

Our kids will spend an average of 15,538 hours over their K-12 experience inside a school building. Making that building safe and secure isn’t just about active shooter events. When it comes to safety and security, our school systems face very unique threats. Learn about five new technologies that can help make a difference.

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