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Doors of Opportunities: Group of elementary school kids rushing out from school

Doors of Opportunities

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | May 1, 2023

An easy way to increase safety and security is to ensure all doors remain secured when school is in session. But there’s a lot to consider.

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High school students work with teacher in class using laptops and tablets

The Benefits of Video Intercom Systems on School Campuses

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | February 20, 2023

Video intercom systems are essential to school safety and security planning. Learn about their benefits, testing and maintenance and more.

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A teacher helps student girl study at school

Improving Access Control Takes Everyone, Especially You

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | August 25, 2022

Physical security consultant Paul Timm works with schools to reduce safety and security risks on their campuses to
encourage safer environments for learning. According to Timm, improving access control systems is critical to security planning and it involves the efforts of everyone—including you. Learn more about why.

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