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Smiling elementary school classmates sitting in grass and holding books

How One Mom Advocates for Better School Safety and Security

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | May 26, 2023

Mom Candice Aragon is taking the lead to protect her children and impact change when it comes to school safety and security. Learn more.

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Portrait of disabled boy smiling while sitting on wheelchair in class at elementary school

Top Questions Parents Ask About School Safety and Security

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | May 10, 2023

Michele Gay often meets parents with questions about school safety and security. We spoke with her to compile a list of the top questions. Learn more.

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Group of elementary school kids running in a school corridor

How to Boost Your School’s Safety and Security with Artificial Intelligence

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | August 13, 2022

With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), schools can now monitor various situations across their properties more effectively. These technologies don’t come without privacy and cost concerns from parents and staff. However, AI can be advantageous without violating privacy, making it worth the investment. Learn more.

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Group of high school students studying in classroom writing notes during lesson.

What One Security Expert and Parent Learned From Parkland

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | July 20, 2022

When someone asks another person, “Have you heard about the school shooting,” and that person hasn’t, you can sense instant concern as they respond with “No! Where?” But one day, for security expert and parent Noel Glacer, it did happen at the school his son attended. In this article, he recounts hearing the news of the Parkland shooting and, now as the Vice President of SOS Parkland Inc., he also shares what the nonpartisan organization is doing to improve school security.

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Group of Elementary Pupils In Classroom

How to Navigate the Market for School Security Solutions

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | July 7, 2022

With limited resources available, a big challenge for school administrators isn’t necessarily finding the latest-and-greatest product on the market, but rather figuring out how to leverage available funding most effectively. Guy Grace, Vice Chair of the PASS Advisory Council, shares how he works with schools to make sure they’re getting the most out of their security investments.

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School kids running in elementary school hallway, front view

Summer Safety and Security To-Do Lists

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | June 17, 2022

As we enter this much-needed period of celebration and relaxation, there are still things that integrators and administrators alike can do to keep schools safe and secure. Learn more.

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Classroom Door Locks: Young woman working in school helping children with arithmetic, learning about mathematics, counting

More Secure, Less Convenient: The Debate on Classroom Door Locks

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | May 19, 2022

Sentiment surrounding classroom door locks has changed drastically over the last 20 years. Learn more about the debate and how, when used properly, classroom door locks continue to keep our schools safe and secure.

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Campus Safety logo

Campus Safety: Pittston Schools Bolster Campus Protection with Security Window Film

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | May 9, 2022

Campus Safety explores the benefits of security window film, including its affordability, efficiency and other features. Learn more.

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Elementary international students group sit cross legged in circle around the teacher and listening a story

Why Lockdown Drills Are So Important

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | March 21, 2022

Lockdown drills improve preparedness for students and staff. Learn more about why lockdown drills are so important and what questions you should ask about your school’s lockdown drill procedures.

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New technologies: Kindergarten students smile when playing toy in class

5 New Technologies That Enhance School Safety and Security

By Partner Alliance for Safer Schools | March 10, 2022

Our kids will spend an average of 15,538 hours over their K-12 experience inside a school building. Making that building safe and secure isn’t just about active shooter events. When it comes to safety and security, our school systems face very unique threats. Learn about five new technologies that can help make a difference.

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